So what is a car service?


A Car Service is technically a limousine company. We are registered with the Colorado P.U.C. The State requires Limo companies to be registered, Anually inspected, Driver background checks, and Properly insured. We are known as a "non-regulated" utility. A common taxi however, is known as a "regulated" utility.


About Us

So what does a car service do?



Our Car Service does everything and more that a taxi does. Only more efficient and at better prices. Short trips in town, flat rate to the airport, flat rates to other towns in Colorado, and of course hourly charters. As a bonus, it is legal to drink in our cars!


At Central Car Service, we specialize in several areas. We focus our attention on "chartered trips". Meaning, we aim to get you from one location to another in a timely, efficient manner. If you need a ride to the airport, you can rest assured we will arrive within 10 minutes of your scheduled pickup and within 15 minutes if you are arriving at the airport. We will guarantee your trip with the following:

If we are more than 15 minutes late to your pickup at the airport - %50 off your trip.

If we are more than 10 minutes off your SCHEDULED local trip in town - %50 off your trip.

We stand by our history and what we do. We are confident we can get to you on time. While some companies may not take your trip seriously or even show up, we want to be there for you. Our reputation means something to us. Short trip or long, they all are important to us.

At Central, you can also charter by the hour. This means we rent you the car and driver, entirely for you, for $50 per hour. Unlike a limo company, we do not charge a minimum for this service. We break this down into 15 minute increments for your convenience.


How long has Central Car been around?


Central Car started as "Capital Car Service" nearly 13 years ago. After several changes, the name was changed to Central Car Service 11 years ago. Still the same company, just a better all around service. We have experience in providing our customers with anything they need to have a successful trip.

This has to cost more..right?


No. Our pricing structure is meant to compete with all the major cab companies. We believe in providing you safe and reliable transportation in a timely manner. We feel we can do a better job than any taxi company or other car services. Your trip of more than 3 miles should be less expensive than a taxi in almost all cases. While we do drive only Cadillacs, we do not need to charge more. Your airport trip should be on par with taxis in most cases. Our flat rates to other cities also should be far cheaper than a LEGITIMATE metered cab ride.


Our mission? Simple.


As in, Keep it simple. Every Trip, On Time, Every Time.