Helpful Tips


"Horse Racing"

This refers to an individual calling multiple companies and taxi's in an attempt to get the fastest car possible. This practice is seriously frowned upon. It costs many people and many companies a lot of money and wasted time. Including other legitimate customers who may be waiting for a car. It is a discourteous practice and one that most companies will "black list" you from receiving any further rides in the future. We give you a time estimate of when your car will arrive, you can then decide if that will work for your needs on the phone at the time. We will understand if you do not want the car. Please do not order a car "just to see if someone else is faster". If this happens, we will automatically blacklist you.



A Nogo is someone who orders a car and does not show for the car. This is different than someone calling to cancel a car. This is also an extremely discourteous practice and will result in lower priority service in the future. Eventually resulting in being black listed. We do however, understand things come up, emergencies, etc. and calling to cancel is not always an option. Black listing results in repeat nogo's.


We do not mind or get upset by cancels. Plans change and things come up. If a cancellation is done within a reasonable time frame, future priority sitting does not become affected. Repeated cancellations will eventually result in a lower priority status.


We recommend reservations whenever you need a charter of any kind. It is a more guaranteed way of getting your car in a timely manner. (see pricing page for specifics)


Time Quotes:

All time quotes given are ESTIMATES. We give you the best estimate we can based on the information we have from our customers trip requests. However, some instances and delays, flat tire, etc can result in inaccurate times. We want to get to you as quickly as we can at all times.


We love pets. We have our own pets. But unfortunately some people are extremely allergic and it doesnt take much to set that off. We require pet carriers for all pets transported in the vehicles. We are strict on this policy for many reasons and past experiences. We do not make exceptions here.

Passenger Behaviors:

We can only transport 5 people MAXIMUM in our vehicles. It is illegal to transport more. The cars are not built to transport more than that and it is extremely unsafe. We can in most cases, send you multiple cars to transport your entire party.

Unruly customers may result in charter being terminated on the spot, wherever they may be in the trip, without any guarantee or refunds.

Do not exit the vehicle in traffic. This is dangerous and will result in black listing.


Alcoholic beverages/Medical Marijuana:

As Central Car Service is a licensed limousine company, we are exempt from open container laws. We do not provide alcohol at this time. You are free to bring your own libations if you wish. To protect ourselves, we do require patrons that bring drinks to be 21 years or older. We do allow smoking in our cars.  Medical Marijuana is NOT allowed to be smoked in our cars.