Around Town Charters:

Pricing for in-town service is currently set at:  $7 for the first 1.9 miles or less, and $3 for every mile thereafter. We charge $25 minimum for short charters on outskirts of metro area.

City to City Charters:

Pricing for City to City charters is similar to DIA pricing. We charge approximately $2 per mile for these particular charters. However, we charge based on downtown to downtown. This means anywhere in Denver to anywhere in that City is the chartered rate.


Hourly Charters:

We can and do rent cars with drivers by the hour. We do not charge minimums for this service. Your driver will remain at or as near as possible during the entire charter. The driver will not be routed to other calls and will be at your immediate call at all times during the charter. We charge in 15 minute increments for hourly charters. Hourly charters are charged on time. If a request is made to be on hourly charter, we will be happy to accomodate, however, we charge based on mileage or hourly, whichever is greater. We do not substitute hourly charters for flat rates of any kind.

Misc. Pricing:

For trips with requested stops, we do charge a stop fee of $2 for every 5 minutes of wait time. At 15 minutes of wait time, we revert to an hourly charge ($12.50 every 15 minutes).

Red Rocks trips are charged at normal  in-town charter rates. A minimum of $30 applies.

Blackhawk/Central City rate to/from Denver is: $65

Boulder rate to/from Denver is: $70



It is recommended to schedule reservations. This ensures your car is on time.


Our prices are consistent and regular among drivers. If your trip is off more than a tenth of a mile on any return trips, this may result in a slight difference in price.  Central Car may change prices at any time, for any reason. We do however try to give notice prior to any changes. We will always do our best to remain competitve with our pricing.