Ten Reasons to NOT take a taxi!



Reason #1:

On Time. The simplest of things, but so very important! We back our service up with guarantees of being on time. Lets see a taxi do that!


Reason #2:

Clean Cars. We clean our cars every shift and detail them on a regularly scheduled basis. Nothing feels better than a nice clean car!


Reason #3:

Clean Drivers. We aren't quite sure why this has to be a selling point, but apparently it is. Our drivers have clean clothes and shower daily.


Reason #4:

With our service, you can make a reservation in advance (recommended). We are also on call, for last minute charters.

Reason #5:

Now here is one of the BEST reasons. Pricing. Our service is, in most cases, the same or better than a taxi when it comes to cost!


Reason #6:

No extra fees or charges. One price quote. Thats it. We wont tack on little charges, such as "bag fees" or "number of people". Ever.

Reason #7:

Our Drivers. Professional, Safe, Knowledgable drivers. We hire and train the best we can find.

Reason #8:

Our Cars. We only drive late model Cadillacs. They dont cost you anything more than a normal taxi. How can you beat that?


Reason #9:

We are locally owned and operated. Check out your cab company or other "ride arrangers". Suprisingly most are not.

Reason #10:

We pride ourselves on customer service. We believe thats what this is all about.